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No. 15
No. 15
No. 15

No. 15

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White opal full of vibrant flashes of colour.

Origin of Opals - South Australia. 

Full length of the bracelet is 18cm.

Alloy - .925 Sterling Silver

The beauty of this chunky chain is that the clasp can attach onto any point of the chain, so any wrist size less than this will also fit! 
If your size is a lot smaller than the full length feel free to email me (salfordsilver@hotmail.com) and I will cut the extra chain down for you. 

Alternatively, I can add extra length on too if you need it to be longer - just email me after purchasing!


This is a finished piece of jewellery, so once it is sold, it will have a final polish and then make its way to you as soon as possible!