Size Guide

➳ How do I measure my ring size?

Follow these 4 steps..

  1. Take a piece of string OR a piece of paper cut into a thin strip no wider than 1cm and roughly 7cm long.
  2. Wrap the material around your desired finger and mark the point at which the material overlaps, forming a circle. Mark this with a pen. Make sure this is pretty secure and tight around your finger, but also loose enough to slide on and off.
  3. Once you have done this, measure the distance from the start of your  material to the marked pen dot, against a ruler. 
  4. Check your measurement in mm and compare it to the above table to find your UK ring size.


Be aware of any large knuckles you have. If you think these are larger than your circle at the base of your finger, measure again around the knuckle.

➳ Remember that when your hands are cold they will be at their smallest so it is best to measure your hands when they aren’t cold. 

➳ For most accuracy measure at the end of the day when the fingers are at their largest. 


➳ How do I measure my wrist size? 

This uses the same principle as measuring your ring size. However you will need a longer piece of material. 
Wrap this around your wrist at its smallest point to gain your wrist measurement.
This is generally given as a circumference measurement in cm.