20 new pieces are launching this Wednesday 01.03, 19:30GMT

How does it work?

The process of getting your own opal jewellery works a little different around here. 

Essentially, all of the opals available in the drops are ready to be made into your perfect piece of jewellery. So once you purchase your dream opal from the drop, you then get to pick exactly how that piece is designed. Meaning you get to choose the style, size and type of jewellery it becomes. 


How do I get my dream opal?

Six new, unique & wonderful Solid Australian Opals are available to be purchased every single week. Every week the opals are completely different, so you will quickly find one which your heart truly loves.

Every Tuesday at 19:30 BST

A preview of the opals will be available the day before on the website where they appear as ‘sold out’. Here you can see all the photos & check the dimensions of the opals. There are also videos of the opals on my instagram stories which get saved into the highlight on my account too.

Sometimes there are extra special drops where there are more luxury opals available at a higher price tag. This will be announced on my instagram (@salfordsilver) in advance of the drop. 

Once you have spotted your perfect opal, set your alarms and make sure you show up on time for the drop, as these babies go quick! 

The opal is not yours until you have checked out with it, so speed is key in the checkout process. I recommend using Apple Pay or Paypal.

Once you have got your confirmation, please DM or email me, and I will let you know the next steps!



Why aren’t prices available until the drop?

Prices for the opals are only released when the drop goes live as I want you to pick your opal because you love it, not because of it’s price! 

They typically range from £30-70

*this cost is for the opal itself, a second payment for your specific design is taken upon completion, which will be quoted for you during the design process*



How does the design process work?

The design process begins (via instagram or email) the following day after you have secured your opal. 

It is important to come to me with some ideas in mind, that way we can both be excited about your piece. So sending over inspiration photos and a clear description of what you’re hoping your piece will look like is ideal - A customer sketch is always very welcome too!

This really helps me get an idea for the type of piece you want to make and helps to speed up the process.

I will then be able to discuss your design with you and let you know what will/won’t work. 

I can also show you the opal on a specific band you may have seen from my work to help you visualise it too. 


Once we have come to a conclusion on a design, I will quote you a price the making part of the process. We will then get you confirmed and once your piece is finished I will be in touch to settle up this payment.

I try and work on roughly a two week turnaround from when the design is confirmed. However more complicated designs will be longer. 


How much will my design cost?

This completely varies for every piece I make as they are all unique in shape and size. 
However here is some very basic guidelines for my sterling silver prices and some previous examples you can use to guide you.

  • Basic ring /necklace/ chain bracelet £40
  • Chunky ring ~£50
  • Addition of granulation  ~ +£10
  • Personalisation ~ +£10
  • Cuff bracelet £70+ - these need to be sent for hallmarking which is an extra cost to the customer, which can vary depending on how many orders are being sent together £15-40

The image explains the costs for some previous pieces of jewellery


How long will it be until I receive the finished piece?

Once your design has been confirmed with myself, I typically aim for a two week turnaround for the piece to be finished and posted to you. 

However for more complex pieces or new custom designs, this turnaround will be longer. 

If you ever need your piece for a specific date, I will always work my hardest to ensure this is met for you. As long as it is realistic.


Thankyou for taking the time to read over this info. 

I hope it answers all of your questions! Please email/DM me if you have any further questions.