20 new pieces are launching this Wednesday 01.03, 19:30GMT

Opal Drop

Welcome to the 15th Opal Drop of the year! 

This week, to mark the end of an era of the weekly opal drops. We have a selection of 6 epic luxury opals. These are pricier than standard opal drops, but hopefully you can see why when looking at them!

There is only one of each up for grabs so make sure to make your decision quickly and check out as fast as you can to ensure you get the opal of your dreams!

As always, the purchase of an opal is like booking your reservation with me for a custom piece of jewellery, so the price you see when they drop will only cover the cost of the opal itself & the postage of the finished piece to you. A second payment will be taken upon completion of your piece and this price will be determined by the design you choose. 

Happy opal shopping x

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.